Try as they might, my parents were unsuccessful in making me into an obedient child. Thoughout my life, I have done the usual things in an unusual way. Most of my twenty five years in the classroom were spent in Department of Defense schools in Turkey, Panama and Germany. After the kids were on their own, I "dropped out", spending a couple of years in an ashram with fellow crazies. Finally, I met my favorite husband, who insisted I manage his children's clothing store, which I very much enjoyed. When we sold the store ten years ago, I decided to take a class in polymer clay. Before the class had ended, I was selling my work. In short order, I went from being juried into the League of NH Craftsmen, to becoming a juror for them. A few years later, I added Precious Metal Clay to my repetoire. This past year, I started making my own glass beads. As each medium has its own charms, I refuse to let go of any of them and find myself incorporating a variety of elements from my "bag of tricks" into each piece. Even when I've wanted to do so, I am constitutionally incapable of repeating myself.

Thankfully, my work, which has brought so much joy to me, has been appreciated by others as well. Pieces I have made on my own or in collaboration have won awards at the League of NH Craftmen's Annual Fair six of the last seven years. Local papers and news media have carried articles about my work. In October, 2001's Lapidary Journal Ilene Sternberg wrote in a feature article that described my work as: "modern, abstract, sophisticated." Studio PMC, the Precious Metal Clay Guild's quarterly, has included several of my pieces. I have contributed to juried shows at Brookfield (CT) Craft Center, the Kansas City Jewish Museum, 1st Stock Art, in Deerfield (NH), New Hampshire Institute of Art and a one woman show at the Framers' Market in Bedford, NH. Presently, when not in my studio, my time is divided between taking and giving classes. The only thing that gives me more pleasure than creating myself is "stoking the fire" of creativity in others.

Doing the usual things in an unusual way.
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