For me life is a smorgasbord, and I need to taste it all. Those childhood visits to the MFA, hours immersed in a myriad of color while my mother shopped for yarn, my father's tool box, a time in a Guatemalan market, the sloshy streets of Katmandu, sipping Turkish coffee while perusing far too many carpets, a misty morning in the West of Ireland, all these things and more find their way into the jewelry I make.

The way I work is the same, regardless of medium. I surround myself with clay, images, texturing tools, gold and silver, pieces of glass, a cup of tea and then I play. Usually an element "left over" from an earlier piece acts as my starter. What if I incorporate this with that? Hmmm.... My work is about integration and balance. There must be both movement and stillness, vibrance and subtlety too. But I also thrive on interjecting the unexpected into a piece. Working with such disparate media as polymers, metal and glass, I can "tailor make" each piece for maximum impact.

The ability to create beautiful things on my own terms is such a glorious gift, made all the sweeter knowing others have pleasure wearing my work.

Totally intuitive, the work is ever-evolving, yet follows what has gone before.
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